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If you are addicted to Animal Jam like the many millions of others, then you understand that it costs hard earned money to purchase a membership to play your favorite game. Although the money is well worth the time spent playing, wouldn’t it be nice to play totally for free and have all the gems and diamonds that you need to reach new levels in Animal Jam. Animal Jam has become one of the fastest growing online kids games ever created. In fact, it has 500% growth month after month; reason being it is one of the friendliest and easiest games to start playing. That is why we created the first Animal Jam hack so you can play your favorite game for free.

Having the ability to play Animal Jam for free is going to change the way you appreciate and play Animal Jam. Playing Animal Jam and paying for it can be a difficult decision, at times you probably feel forced into playing and to enjoy it because you are paying for it every month. When you utilize our Animal Jam generator  for a free membership and gems or diamonds, you will have a new appreciation for the game because you will choose to only play it when you truly want to, not just to satisfy yourself to play because you pay for a membership. We encourage you for that reason alone to give our Animal Jam cheats a try. You will quickly find how much more you appreciate Animal Jam.

When playing Animal Jam you probably realize all of the advanced players on the game. This includes players that have all of the items you can purchase and a high level accounts. Now what you may not understand is a majority of these players are not paying for their membership, this is how they can play for so long and never need to worry about paying. Sometimes some of us have to pause playing because paying for the membership is not in our budget but with our Animal Jam membership generator you no longer need to worry about paying again!


It can be a drag having to pay to update your characters looks. Sometimes this can cost a large amount of money depending on how often you want to update it in addition to how much updating you want to actually do. Wouldn’t it be great to update more then just a hat? Now with our Animal Jam hack you can get unlimited diamonds coins and gems sent straight to your account. This means you can purchase whatever you want in the Animal Jam store. So swag out your character or buy new items without it ever costing you a penny!

We invite you to give our Animal Jam hack and coin, gem, and diamond generator a try. Never again will you need to pay those silly membership fees or have to wait and earn gems, coins and diamonds or search endlessly for AJ codes because of our fully-functional hack tool. Our Animal Jam cheats and generator are 100% safe and secure as well!