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Here is our FAQ page that we intend to help visitors in the best possible way with any queries. Everything related to our Animal Jam Hack is here. This should be the first place to visit if you run into any issues you can’t solve yourself. We do also have a Contact Page to contact us, with a 48 hour respond time frame. But this should cover most issues for you so it’s best to visit here first. So if you’re already here first, then good! We hope what you’re looking for has a solution here and you can continue to enjoy our tool.

Q. How can you provide this tool for free?
A. Advertising revenue allows us to offer our tool to the public for free. We would not want it any other way and charging would defeat the purpose of our aims. As gamers, we know the struggles of paying for premium content to get full access to a game. We don’t like it, you don’t like it, or you wouldn’t be here now. This is why the tool exists, and we’re thankful that adverts allow us to give gamers what they deserve for free.

Q. Can I be sure that using it is safe?
A. You most definitely can be. The way we have designed the tool is so that it keeps all your entered details completely safe. We don’t allow anything to slip under the radar. We can assure you of the quality we offer, you won’t find yourself with any problems in safety. The worst thing you can run into is failure to complete the process. If that’s the case, we can guide you in the right direction to solve that.

Q. Can the account I receive get banned?
A. No this will not happen to you. As we’ve mentioned, the tool keeps everything under locks. No vital information gets leaked, so the Animal Jam servers will not find anything. No suspicious activity will become obvious to the servers, as we mask our activity.

Q. Am I guaranteed to get an account?
A. Yes, you will definitely receive an account. There is nothing that can restrict your chance to gain one. We don’t have any specifications for users to use our tool. It is available for anyone to try out, an unlimited amount of times.

Q. Will I be able to keep the account forever?
A. The account will be permanent for you to keep. It is possible to create several different ones, but there isn’t much of a reason to do so. Everything you could ever need is within these accounts so there isn’t much reason to have more. If that’s what you wish it is possible, but we provide more than you need within the first use of the tool.

We hope that this page has managed to ease and of your worries, and provide any information of what you don’t know. We have covered as much as we could here from some of the more important questions.